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    Do you already have a website? Nowadays almost everyone comes online first to search for a product, service or information. In order to address as many potential customers as possible it is important to achieve top positions in the search engines (such as Google).

    It is important that your website can be found by people who are looking for your products or services. Through targeted optimization and professional Google AdWords consulting, Searchtrends can help you to achieve this goal. With a professional webdesignteam we create a persuasive and impressing presentation of your company.

    The expert explains!

    Why choose for us?

    • Good Value For Money
      Benefit from our years of experience and cooperation with specialists.
    • Working together on the basis of results
      Delevering Results, not Reports: Measurable results instead of well-written reports how “better” results can be achieved. We take special care to make sure that your website will raise your conversion rate.
    • Full-Service
      Searchtrends is a full-service agency and can therefore provide support in every range when it comes to your online presence. A website optimization, a Google Adwords Campaign or a Product Video: We can assist you in every area.
    • A Personal Advisor
      We are looking forward to a long-term relationship. You get a personal advisor who coordinates all measures. All taken measures will be discussed and agreed with you and continuously adjusted, depending on your monthly budget!


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    • Searchtrends discusses our wishes and requirements and translate them into an appropriate, balanced website which corresponds very well with our products.
      Marjanne Blokhuis
      Business Manager Flowing Art
    • Searchtrends continuously takes care of my website, so my website is always up to date and optimized for the search engine which guarantees a high ranking in the search engine which is important to get orders.
      onmiddelijk geld
      F. Komen
      Business Manager

News from the sector

  • Portfolio_vandekuil

    Van de Kuil

    Customer: Van de Kuil
    Category: Floors
    Product: Redesign Website

  • Het Nike-logo

    Why you should use a logo

    The logo of your company is often one of the first things potential customers see. That is why a professional and good logo is of great importance to your business and to the branding of your company’s name. A good logo reflects positively on your company and it gives your company an identity.

  • Portfolio_detintman_responsive

    De Tintman Folies – Redesign

    Klant: De Tintman Folies
    Branche: Autobedrijven
    Product: Redesign van de website

  • Een logische website indeling is een van de aspecten die voor een professionele website zorgen.

    5 important aspects of your website

    Clearly a website is very important. Companies know it is important, but why is that exactly? And is your website any good? How your website looks is very important because your website is very likely the first contact you will have with your potential customers. What are the most important aspects of your website?

  • Portfolio_BG_Logistics

    BG Logistics – Redesign

    Klant: BG Logistics
    Branche: Koeriersdiensten
    Product: Redesign van de website

  • Portfolio_Flowingart

    Flowing Art – Website op maat

    Klant: Flowing Art
    Branche: Vloerenbedrijven
    Product: Website op maat

  • Portfolio_kroneman

    Kroneman Interieurs

    Klant: Kroneman Interieurs
    Branche: Architecten
    Product: Redesign van de website

  • Portfolio_unique trends

    Unique Trends Barbershop

    Klant: Unique Trends Barbershop
    Branche: Kappers
    Product: Starterswebsite

  • Portfolio_Dewinter

    De Winter Renovatiewerken – starterswebsite

    Klant: De Winter Renovatiewerken
    Branche: Klusbedrijven
    Product: Starterswebsite

  • Portfolio_aadsmotorhome

    Aad's Motorhome

    Klant: Aad’s Motorhome
    Branche: Motorbranche
    Product: Template op maat en redesign logo

  • HPZ-cleaning

    HPZ Cleaning

    Klant: HPZ Cleaning
    Branche: Schoonmaakbedrijven
    Product: Starterswebsite

  • Cosmo Nails

    Cosmo Nail Studio

    Klant: Cosmo Nail Studio
    Branche: Nagelsalons
    Product: Responsive starterswebsite

  • Portfolio_Isoal-responsive

    Isoal – Redesign

    Klant: Isoal
    Branche: Isolatiebedrijven
    Product: Totaalpresentatie online

  • Kenens_Tim

    Kenens Tim

    Klant: Architect Tim Kenens
    Branche: Architecten
    Product: Starterswebsite + logo

  • Patricia Dhoore

    Patricia Dhoore

    Klant: Patricia Dhoore
    Branche: Massage
    Product: Starterswebsite met responsive slider

  • Portfolio_K&G_responsive

    K&G Acquisitie – starterswebsite

    Klant: K&G Acquisitie
    Branche: Zakelijke dienstverlening
    Product: Starterswebsite op basis van een van onze templates.

  • verta-fit

    Verta Fit

    Klant: Verta Fit
    Branche: Gezondheidsproducten
    Product: Starterswebsite + geїntegreerd bestelformulier

  • Schilderbedrijf van Straalen

    Van Straalen Schilderwerken

    Klant: Van Straalen Schilderwerken
    Branche: Schildersbranche
    Product: Redesign en verbeteren vindbaarheid met SEO-teksten en AdWords

  • Portfolio_burggraaff-schilderwerken

    Burggraaf Schilderwerken – starterswebsite

    Klant: Burggraaff Schilderwerken
    Branche: Schilders
    Product: Starterswebsite op basis van een van onze templates.

  • Don van Gorp Ladders en trappen

    Don van Gorp Ladders en trappen

    Klant: Don van Gorp Ladders en trappen
    Branche: Professionele klimmaterialen
    Product: Starterswebsite met geїntegreerde webshop

  • Troch Thuiszorg

    Troch Thuiszorg

    Klant: Troch Thuiszorg
    Branche: Verpleging, verzorging en thuiszorg
    Product: Starterswebsite

  • isoal_video

    Isoal – Wat is vloerisolatie?

    Klant: Isoal
    Branche: Isolatiebedrijven
    Product: Combinatie product- en bedrijfsvideo

  • Beispiel-Portfolio-Eintrag

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