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  • Website based on a template or custom made?

    If you just started with your business and only need a small website or you are a big company and in need of a custom made website with an innovative design and several functionalities: You can contact Searchtrends for both. Would you like to sell products on your website? Than choose one of our webshops. If you just started your business you might also need a logo. Searchtrends helps you to create your own corporate identity including a logo.

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    Why do you need a website?

    A professional website helps you to promote your business locally and globally and to generate corresponding orders. If you provide great photographs and information about your company, we take care of raising your profile. In that way we are sure you’ll realize a great first impression. And you know how important first impressions are.

    85 percent of the Dutch customers first searches the web before purchasing an item. Therefor, your website is the first contact potential customers have with you. Turn visitors into regular customers and choose one of our websites to increase your profit.

    Why choose Searchtrends?

    Our slogan is: “get found better on the internet” with a reason. We build search engine friendly websites, so not only will you get a great website, you also will be better found online. You just order a website, we take care of everything else.

    Other advantages of our websites:

    • our websites are low-budget.
    • you can choose from different templates.
    • your website will be adapted for desktop, tablet and smartphone.
    • social media ready: we link social media (buttons) to your website.
    • clear results, you’ll know precisely how many customers your website gets.

    Do you want a new website after a while? Choose a new design among our free templates. We automatically update your website if Google changes its search algorithm (which is about 500 – 600 times a year).

    Why you should use a logo

    The logo of your company is often one of the first things potential customers see. That is why a professional and good logo is of great importance to your business and to the branding of your company’s name.

    Positive aspects of a good logo:

    • An effective logo represents what the company stands for and what kind of services it offers.
    • A good logo reflects positively on your company and it gives your company an identity.
    • It is easier to remember a company by its logo.
    • A good logo you only design once and will last for decades.

    Hire us to design your professional company logo

    Do you want a professional logo or more information about designing your own company logo? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

    Two types of logos

    You can choose among two types of logos: the normal logo and the customized logo.

    The normal logo

    From one of our graphic desginers, you will get three different concept designs. You will choose the logo you like best. The normal logo is only meant to be used on your website.

    Customized logo

    When you choose a customized logo, one of our graphic designers will contact you to discuss your wishes and demands. Of course we take in account the sector your business is in and your target group. Than we design an effective logo that represents what the company stands for and what kind of services it offers. We will be in close contact with you and e-mailing you updates on a weekly basis. Due to this close contact several times during the process ensures that you’ll get the logo you want. A customized logo is only then finished when you are 100 percent satisfied, because we believe our customers deserve the very best. You can use this logo everywhere, for example on your writing paper, your website, work clothing, and for your car advertising campaign.