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  • Job oppurtunities

    Searchtrends is an international full-service internet advertising agency with headquarters in Zaandam, Netherlands. There are four branches, two in the Netherlands (Nijmegen and Zaandam) and two in Germany (Kleve and Willich-Anrath).
    Full-service internet advertising agency. In all these branches we work with an enthusiastic team of German and Dutch employees to get the best products out there. We already serve clients in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria. Our customers primarily consist of small and medium enterprises.

    Telephone Sales Agents / Accountmanagers

    For our branche in Nijmegen we are searching for representatitve Telephone Sales Agents with excellent communication skills. When you seem to be a high performer you’ll get the oppurtunity to become a accountmanager.

    More information? Get in touch with our Commercial Manager Ayse Gul and call +31 24 373 33 30. To apply, please send a cover letter and your resume to: