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  • How about your website traffic?

    You are very satisfied with your current website. Good for you! But is your website well attended? If you have a website with a lot of visitors, you’ll reach more potential customers. To ensure that a website gets found, there are a few things to consider. Use one of our analysis and discover how well your website is doing online.

    Choose your analysis

    It depends on your chosen analysis which aspects we take in account. Usability and search engine optimization are two of the main things we focus on.

    Standard Analysis

    This analysis will give you a clear view how well your website is doing. We will check important aspects on your website, like using page titles and meta description, the page speed of your website, a high domain authorization and the use of a sitemap and social media.

    Google analysis

    After installing Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools on your website, we can answer important questions after a few weeks, like: What keywords are being used to find your website? Which different kinds of sources are being used to send traffic to your website? Which pages are the most popular on your website and on which page do visitors leave your website the most?

    One final point: Install Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools as fast as you can, even if you are not doing anything with it right now. The programs do not collect data until the moment you install them.

    Personal analysis

    The personal analysis is our most extensive analysis. We look at every detail at your website, even the aspects which do not influence your website directly, like your target group and your competitors. After carefully and thoroughly investigating every aspect of your website, you will have a number of components to improve on your website.