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  • The future is Online Video

    Online-video still is very popular. More than 60 percent of all consumers rather watch an online video than read a text. More and more companies discover the advantages online video has to offer:

    • Studies reveal that the chance customers buy an item or ask for more information is 64 percent higher with an online video.
    • Online video is easier than reading a text. The only thing your visitors have to do is click play.
    • Visitors remember what is in a online-video better than what is in a text.

    Get your company found on YouTube

    After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. Furthermore, YouTube is the largest video-sharing service in the world. You want to get found on YouTube because there are more than 4 billion watched videos every day and 9 million Dutch visitors who use YouTube on a monthly basis. Searchtrends will realize that you get found on YouTube!

    What kind of online video do you want?

    At Searchtrends , we offer 3 different types of online video:

    Company Video
    Introduce your company. By painting a picture of your company visitors will trust your company more quickly.
    Product Video
    Highlight one of your products or services. 90 percent of the consumers think a productvideo helps with the decision to purchase an item.
    Animation Video
    An animation video is an effective way to explain difficult processing methodes easier.