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  • Searchtrends is an international internet advertising agency with headquarters in Nijmegen, Netherlands. There are four branches, two in the Netherlands (Nijmegen and Zaandam) and two in Germany (Kleve and Willich-Anrath).

    Internet advertising agency

    In all these branches we work with an enthusiastic team of German and Dutch employees to get the best products out there. We already serve clients in the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Switzerland and Austria. Our customers primarily consist of small and medium enterprises.

    Mission Searchtrends

    Our mission is to increase the online presence of SMEs through affordable services based on web marketing and search engine optimization.

    Vision Searchtrends

    We strive to build long-term relationships with our customers, support and advise them on a regular basis with their online-marketing.

    The Core Values Of Searchtrends

    Searchtrends was founded 28 years ago and started as a publishing company. Over the years our main area of expertize became (web)marketing. When optimizing the online presence of your company, we always strive for the best performance in our core business:

    • Customer focus: We place the customer experience at the core of all we do. We realize your ideas and requests for a reasonable and affordable price.
    • Full Service Products: We offer a affordable services to make your Searchtrends experience more complete. We help you set up your Google AdWords-account or optimize your website. We are your partner from the introduction to the Internet to permanently increasing the existing success.
    • Quality at a good price: We offer our products at a reasonable price and attach great importance to the quality of our product, as it is the basis for a long-term cooperation.